About us

ESTELLE SHAW started her dance career at the age of 16. Before becoming professional she did special training to strengthen her knees and back due to Chondromalacia and Scoliosis. Along with dance, and wearing a back brace she found Pilates at age 14 for centering strength and started lifting 10 pound weights with her legs every night to strengthen her muscles around her knees.

In order to build endurance as a dancer and stay extra slim for her 5'6" height in ballet she would either speed walk for 2 miles or tread water in the ocean before heading to her 9:00am daily ballet class to start the day of rehearsals.

It paid off with a 14 year ballet career where she traveled around the world with Ballet Eddy Toussaint de Montreal and Ballet Florida. Performing in works by George Balanchine, Alvin Ailey, Lou Conte, and Danny Ezralow to name a few. She transitioned into Broadway as the Dance Captain of FOSSE, and as a dancer with the Radio City Rockettes, Hollywood Bowl and various Summer Theaters, before starting a family.

She continued to train peoples bodies through dance while teaching ballet at the Theater College AMDA, and received her Pilates certification through Balanced Body and Personal training through NASM.

After starting her family she taught at multiple gyms and created the fitness product line called Fitness Flower, www.fitnessflower.com. 6 convenient exercises that get you into shape in less than 10 minutes a day. Combining everyday tasks with with a fitness routine to be executed simply and easily. Fitness Flower was featured on EXTRA and in Life and Style Magazine among others. Carried in T.J. Maxx and boutiques across the country.

Estelle has always been extremely loyal to her workout regime not only to keep her flexibility and strength but as a creative mental outlet as well. That's where the Rocknfit and this website fit in.

Cardio Dance workouts feel full circle for Estelle and her love of fitness, dance, and body connection. She hopes you have life and body changing results with her workouts.

Let's Raise our Vibrations and Rock it out.

JOIE SHETTLER, has been a professional dancer for over 30 years. Moving to LA at the age of 19, she pursued her dreams as a professional dancer, training on scholarship with the infamous Joe Tremaine, Jackie Sleight, and Doug Caldwell. She has worked on many films, television shows, and music videos.  Notably, she worked with artists such as Prince, and Michael Jackson.  Danced in the Academy Awards, choreographed by Kenny Ortega, was a Los Angeles Laker Girl, and also one of the original creators and dancers of the Pussycat Dolls. 

Not only does she dance, but she sings professionally too!  Joie toured as a back-up vocalist with the Brian Setzer Orchestra from 2000-2003, where she appeared on stages all over the world.  Her most recent stage tour was with Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction,) touring as a backup vocalist at Lollapalooza Festivals all over the US, as well as Europe.  Hence our workout name:  RocknFit!    Joie loves to incorporate motivating music to our workouts.  Check out Joie's cover band website:  www.rebelmusicentertainment.com

With her deep respect and knowledge of the human body Pilates was a natural segue after the birth of her two children. Semi-retiring from the dance world, she received her certification from Pilates Institute of Southern California in 2008. Joie continues her education of the human anatomy and movement yearly. Joie’s background as a dancer has greatly influenced her philosophy and teaching skills of Classic Pilates and also cardio dance. Joie is passionate about teaching her clients to strengthen not only their body, but to promote mindful movements, improving posture, and overall health.

Joie is super excited to co-create this online platform with professional dancer and fitness guru, Estelle Shaw. Creating Rocknfit has been a longtime passion!! Their workouts are guaranteed to be safe, make you sweat, and have fun! They are perfect for people of all fitness levels! Lets ROCK it out!!!