Our Mission

Well, like many of us in the past 8 months, we have had to "pivot" our lives to fit the new normal.  

At the beginning of 2020 Estelle was busy setting the musical "The Lion King, Jr." on Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Hermosa Beach, with 80 children between grades 1-8,  while Joie was traveling the world with Perry Farrell's, (Jane's Addiction) Kind Heaven Orchestra and performing in her own band(s) with Rebel Music Entertainment. They would meet up to take Joie's Rocknfit class at studios around town, and then once the pandemic hit, online.  For both Estelle and Joie it was their hour of escape, fun, sexy, feel like home time, working out to good music and dancing!  

The zoom format was becoming difficult to schedule and the music lag was such a drag so we decided to start filming professionally and put our experience, love and heart into a website for all to enjoy anytime, anywhere for a fraction of the cost of studio classes.  

Our hope for this site is to create a community of people who enjoy feeling great, raising vibrations through movement, owning our sexy at any age, shape, and just letting go.  We love you, we get you!  LET'S ROCK IT OUT!  ❤️⚡️🌈 

We are incredibly fortunate to have the gracious guidance of our long time friends and mentors Jack and Alisa from www.Pilatesology.com

To learn more about Joie and Estelle, check out their bios, which are located at the bottom of each workout.